Do you or a close family member struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Have you thought a lot about the best ways to manage your symptoms? The doctors and staff in our medical office specialize in treating patients of all ages that are specifically challenged with ADHD. Our best practices protocol includes initial testing, observation and treatment by a medical doctor, and strategies for modifying behavior related to symptoms.

There are many ways to help people manage their ADHD both medicinally and behaviorally. Many ADHD patients can benefit from stimulant medication. These medicines help increase a person’s focus and attention. There are different types of stimulants—fast acting and slow release—and varying doses. Every patient will have an individual need that will have to be discussed with a doctor and prescribed on a trial and error basis to find the correct fit. Coupling medication with behavior therapy and strategies can be very beneficial. Some patients even opt for using only research-based tactics for ADHD management in Charlotte, NC.

Several simple suggestions have been made by experts for modifying behavior to lessen their ADHD symptoms and improve performance. Getting plenty of sleep every night and maintaining a regular bedtime schedule will help decrease restlessness and impulsivity during the daytime. Exercise and physical activity is also beneficial. Participating in sports, going for walks, and riding a bicycle are great ways to expend extra energy and jump-start parts of the brain that help with focus. Some specialists advise their patients to spend time meditating. This can have immediate and long-lasting calming effects. Other professionals recommend music therapy such as listening to rhythmic sounds or learning to play an instrument. Lastly, a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and limited sugar intake is always a good idea to help with areas of focus and attention.

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